Why do I receive a virus warning when installing?

Why do I receive a virus warning when installing?

Incorrect messages my be triggered during installation if you are using some types of freeware anti-virus software. If this happens to you, please deactivate the software during installation. You can of course reactivate your anti-virus software after vistrax installation is complete. We can assure you that all vistrax files loaded onto your computer are virus-free. Many thanks for your understanding! If you are in any way unsure, you are welcome to contact us via email at support@vistrax.de.
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    • Can you assist me during installation and setup?

      We accompany you on request through the installation process and assist you in setting up the system remotely. To do this, one of our technicians will connect to your computer while you are logged on to. This service is charged for.
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    • How can I get price offer?

      Customer service at vistrax shop (https://shop.vistrax.com/en/) will be glad to send you an offer on request. To request an offer, fill the shopping cart in the shop with the desired items and click on the "Request offer" button.